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TYH, Teng Yao Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd., is the leading manufacturer of high performance stainless steel strip spring : Constant Force springPower springPower spring design, power spring tester, Prestressed Power spring, Carbon Brush spring, Spiral torsion Spring, steel spring constant, Clip spring in Taiwan. Since its establishment in 1973, TY has focused its efforts on developing, designing and manufacturing high performance stainless steel strip spring.

TYH, Teng Yao Hardware started to promote its custom-made products and the sales volume of the TYH stainless steel strip spring has grown impressively, consolidating its leading position in manufacturing stainless steel strip spring in Taiwan. For recent year TYH have been certified by ISO ISO 9001 in 2000 and ISO 9001 in 2008 which proved that our company is under strict management and worthy of your trust. Create comprehensive quality assurance system, together with continuing spirit of creativity and innovation, and never ending pursuit for perfection, thus have ensure us to provide best quality products and service in order to satisfy the consumers and society.

The TYH stainless steel strip spring have been designed and developed to achieve an adjust the design according to tension features. Its innovative design can also take into account the quality 、 life cycle and superior tensile properties of the spring provide you more setup options to meet different needs. Each application of TYH stainless steel strip spring has been well tested in Japan and the US to assure its fitment, quality and durability.

All TYH stainless steel strip spring are custom made available. Get a TYH stainless steel strip spring with suitable spring to improve the performance NOW! TYH's material scope of thickness 0.04~1.2mm and Width 2.5~80mm.TYH always brings you the pleasure of high performance spring.

In 2011, we will continue widen our products range to suit more different products. At the same time, even further improve our quality and service. So everyone can enjoy even better products from Teng Yao Hardware Taiwan. Welcome distributors around the world who are interested about TYH products can all become our partners.


1. Constant Force Spring
2. Power Spring
3. Prestressed Power Spring
4. Motor Brush / Twin Spring
5. Variable Force Spring
6. Constant Torque Spring
7. Flat Spring


1. Multi-function & fully automated CNC spring machine 
2. Self-acting compression spring machine 
3. Fully automated extension spring machine 
4. Force tester for steel strip spring
5. Torque tester for steel strip spring 
6. Cycle life tester for steel strip spring 
7. Hardness tester
8. Slitting machine for steel strip
9. Edge Trimming machine for steel strip
10. Temper furnace for spring parts