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Power springs are made of rectangular section material, Power springs are wound flat, and have either special retaining holes or bends on both ends.  As the length-to-thickness ratio (L/t) increases, the spiral space between coils increases rapidly.  To reduce the space required and maintain a reasonable amount of deflection (turns), power springs are retained in some type of housing or case in application.

Feature of Spring

[Power Spring]

power springs

1. Material

2. T=Material thickness

3. W=Width

4. Da=Shaft diameter(recommended)

5. R=inside diameter of holder

6. N=Number of coils

[Power Spring]

Power spring are mainly used in clock, spring motors for toys. timers, as well as in retractor mechanisms for electrical cords, compressor pipes and seat belts.

Power Diagram
[Power Spring]

power springs

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