Constant Torque Springs

The force output of the constant torque spring is generated by the constant force spring operating in the reverse direction in its natural state.
Commonly used in the design of all kinds of cordless blinds.
The constant torque spring can provide smooth torque output, with a stable and longer life cycle advantage.
We can assist our customers in design and development.
  • Material : Type 301 stainless steel is typically used for most applications. High-carbon steel and other materials may be required.
  • A wide variety of materials are available for use depending on your application.
  • Thickness : 0.04 - 1.0mm
  • Width : 2.5 - 90mm

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Constant torque spring, made by winding steel strip into coil just like constant force spring.    When springs are counter wound on to output drum from its natural type by a load, force to resist uncoiling will be occurred.    However, if load disappears, a constant torque will be output from output drum at the same time.